and How We Work to Limit Its Progress



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Normal Axonal Function and The Onset  of Neurodegeneration

A normal nerve cell receives signals, processes them in the cell body and transports them through the axon, a long-arm nerve fiber that extends out from the cell body and connects to the synapses, or fingers. When brain cells become injured or stressed, their first response is the reduction and impairment of axonal transport along the axon's "Informational Highway". If the insult persists it can lead to depression (serotonin), anxiety and insomnia (GABA), cognitive impairment, such as AD (acetylcholine), and movement disorders, such as PD (dopamine). 

Neurotoxic Proteins Reduce Axonal Transport Causing a Toxic Cascade

At high levels, neurotoxic proteins damage the central and peripheral nervous system. 


The presence of high levels of neurotoxic proteins creates a toxic cascade leading to faulty nerve cell function.

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The buildup of neurotoxic proteins impede healthy axonal transport

with normal levels of AB, tau and αSYN.

with an increase in aggregating proteins

reduces neurotoxic proteins and improves brain chemistry

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Our Solution to Reverse Neurodegeneration

ANVS401 is a small lipophilic molecule that is orally available and readily enters the brain as demonstrated by pharmacokinetic analyses showing brain concentrations approximately 6 to 8 times higher than plasma concentrations. ANVS401 has a unique mechanism of action in that it inhibited the translation and, therefore, the levels of several key neurotoxic proteins both in vitro and in vivo including APP, tau and αSYN.

Brain injuries and stresses lead to increases in neurotoxic proteins, impaired axonal transport and nerve cell death – neurodegenerative diseases



A Three-Prong Attack on AD and PD

 We believe ANVS401 is the only drug in development that targets multiple neurotoxic proteins and inflammation to improve axonal transport in AD, AD-DS and PD.  The multiple conditions we will target include;

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 We Are Dedicated to Reversing Debilitating  Neurodegenerative Diseases

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By targeting multiple neurotoxic proteins, ANVS401 resembles a combination therapy approach, with the added convenience of being a single drug with a single drug target. Therefore, we have worked to understand how ANVS401 is able to inhibit the translation of more than one neurotoxic protein.